75% Of TVET Prospective Teachers Failed Exams



Before the resumption of schools, government had plans to hire 272 trainers to be placed into Technical and Vocational Schools (TVET).

4145 candidates submitted their application and 3404 were shortlisted for examinations. The remaining 17% (741) could not meet the minimum criteria.  When the time of sitting for exams came, over 58% (2002) of the candidates did not show up. Only 1402 turned up.

Shockingly only 24.5% (344) passed the exams and the rest, 75.4% (1078) failed.

The ministry has not assessed this embarrassing level of failure, but most of the candidates are byproducts of the same system.

At least the ministry was able to get number of trainers that it wanted.

Successful candidates were placed in school levels according to their qualification, aggregate points scored and the school needs within the district of application.

Remained unplaced candidates due to teaching positions mismatch within the district of application have been deployed in the nearest or other districts where places are available.

The final placement ended up with 336 placed candidates and four are on the waiting list.

The 336 passed candidates have been deployed as follows, Existing Public and Government-aided TVET Schools, 6 new TVET schools in Burera, Gicumbu and Nyagatare districts, NYAGISOZI and MUGOMBWA TVET Schools respectively located at GISAGARA and NYARUGURU as new TVET Schools and finally 81 new TVET schools extended at Groupe Scolaire.

The Minister of Education said on Monday that the shortlisted candidates for July 2020 recruitment examinations in Rusizi district missed the opportunity to sit for exams due to COVID 19 lockdown.

Therefore, special treatment will be given to the candidates during the next teachers’ recruitment framework.

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