6 Reasons Why We Chose Kigali

International firms that are new to Africa often ask me why we chose Kigali over Nairobi, Lagos and Jo’burg for the Dot Finance Summit (, Africa’s largest FinTech event. While all these cities are great meeting venues, here are 6 reasons why we found Kigali to be the right place for our event.

1. Rwanda is Africa’s safest country, and the 9th safest country in the world, ahead of Luxembourg, Portugal, New Zealand and Netherlands (source: WEF)

2. Kigali boasts the most modern convention facilities in Africa (outside of South Africa). These facilities are at par with the world’s best. No wonder the Radisson Blu Kigali Convention Centre recently won the Best Conference Hotel in Africa Award. The country has hosted many prestigious events including the World Economic Forum, Interpol Congress and the AU Summit.

3. In a continent that is spread over 30 million sq km, Rwanda’s location is remarkably central. Flying times to major cities are as follows: Nairobi (1hr 15 min), Jo’burg (3 hr 55 min) and Lagos (4 hr 30 min). Rwandair, the best new airline in Africa, offers convenient connections to most business hubs across the continent.

4. Rwanda is the only country in Africa that offers visa on arrival to passport holders of all 54 African countries.

5. Rwanda is an African success story that is still being written. Be it financial inclusion, gender diversity, conservation or modern technology, Rwanda is making giant strides in every sphere of social & economic activity.

6. Kigali is simply beautiful! The UN has ranked Kigali as the most beautiful capital city in Africa! African executives love attending events here. They are drawn by the city’s stunning scenery, its striking cleanliness and the year-round beautiful weather.

So there you have it! Next time you are invited to attend an event in Kigali, make sure you don’t miss out.



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