56 Burundians Deported From DRC



A total of 56 Burundians are stranded at Port of Kabonga in Nyanza-lac commune in Makamba province.

Reports indicate that they include; 49 men, 3 women and 4 children, they were dumped at the fishing port village on Monday but are currently living in very bad conditions according to local media.

According to sources quoted by Iwacuburundi, before deporting these Burundians from neighbouring DRC, the Congolese authorities accused them of being irregulars without required documents. These returnees say they travelled to the DRC in search of work.

For the moment these suppressed returnees are in an untenable situation, they have no food, they sleep outside as they continue waiting for their documents to be processed. But before that, the police will have to identify them before allowing them to return to their original villages in mainland Burundi.

Health officials in Nyanza-Lac mobilized to organize samples in order to test for covid-19 on these returnees.

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