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500 Smartphones: BRD First Brand To Deliver Phones In ConnectRwanda Challenge


The new Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) CEO, Pichette Kampeta, began her duties on Friday Morning January 3, 2020 with vigor.

Kampeta’s first public appearance after assuming office last month was this Friday when she delivered to MTN a Rwf50m dummy cheque that will guarantee the purchase of 500 smart phones of brand type Mara X as contribution to the ongoing #ConnectRwanda challenge.

“We are honored to be the first brand to deliver our pledge and our share of pledging these smartphones is to ensure that women leaders in rural cooperatives also get access to digitalization,” Kampeta told MTN executives.

She said sponsoring Made-in-Rwanda phones is a double win because it increases digital penetration and promotes made-in-Rwanda products.

Clauddete Irere, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of ICT and innovation said the ministry continues to support #ConnectRwanda challenge and will ensure that the smartphones pledged to a specific target group will reach them and more so will reach people who have never owned a smartphone before.

Rwanda envisions technology and innovation as a tool to achieve its aspirations of becoming a knowledge-based economy by 2035.

The responsibility is collectively being taken on by different players, not just government.

MTN Rwanda launched the challenge last month where corporate institutions and individuals make a voluntary pledge to put a smartphone in the hands of unconnected Rwandans.

So far, more than 37,000 phones have been pledged.

#ConnectRwanda Challenge Picks Momentum, 25,000 Smartphones Pledged So Far



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