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300 Congolese Children Orphaned By Parents Killed By ADF Malnourished

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More than 300 orphaned children whose parents were killed by Ugandan ADF rebels are now suffering from malnutrition and are deprived of nearly everything in the territory of Beni (North Kivu) .

These orphans, aged between 0 and 18, are accommodated at the “Tukinge Yatima” orphanage at the Kasindi border post, 79 km east of the city of Beni.

According to the head of this orphanage, Des anges Kavugho Maliro, the latest group of orphans to arrive at this center is still suffering trauma from these tragic events.

“Today I have 304 massacre orphans. The children are suffering from malaria, typhoid fever, yellow fever plus malnutrition, anaemia. Children have the problem of underweight, do not breastfeed. There are, for example, eight-month-old babies who weigh five kilos,” Kavugho Maliro said.

Kavugho Maliro is pleading for government intervention and people of good will to help these orphans.

“From the national and provincial government, I call for the restoration of peace and security. And I ask people of goodwill to assist the orphans in Beni territory because the massacres continue,” she pleaded.

“The children are picked up in the bush after their parents were killed, so they come here to the orphanage. I have a heavy load. I call on people of goodwill to come to the aid and churches to come to the aid, ” Kavugho Maliro said.

ADF Terror Intensifies

About 7,600 families have been recently displaced by the ADF rebels in attacks launched in the Komanda-Luna axis south of Irumu live in subhuman conditions in Mambasa territory.

These displaced people fled the deadly attacks two weeks ago by suspected ADF rebels in several villages in the Walese Vonkutu chiefdom, Babila Bakwanza civil society president Bernard Babaya said on Wednesday (July 21st).

Since last week, the second wave of displaced people from Komanda, Luna, Otmaber, Ofayi in Irumu territory has been observed in Mangina and Lowa in Mambasa territory.

Majority of these displaced are children and women who have fled repeated attacks by Ugandan ADF rebels in several villages along National Highway 4 in Irumu territory.

According to Bernard Babaya, these people run the risk of malnutrition, in the absence of any food assistance to alleviate their suffering.