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30 Years For Terminator Ntaganda In Prison

Congolese Warlord Bosco Ntaganda also known as the Terminator has been sentenced to 30 years in Prison by the International Criminal Court.

Trial Chamber VI of the International Criminal Court (“ICC”) unanimously sentenced this warlord.

In building up for this sentence, the Chamber received submissions from the parties and participants regarding the possible sentence, heard witnesses and admitted evidence, and held a hearing on the matter on 17-20 September 2019.

This court Chamber considered the gravity of the crimes and the degree of harm caused by each crime as well as Mr Ntaganda’s culpability, namely his level of intent and degree of participation.

The Chamber also considered potentially mitigating circumstances but found them either not to be established or considered the weight accorded to be too limited to impact on the individual and overall sentences.

While the Chamber found specific aggravating factors to exist with respect to a number of the crimes, it did not consider the allegations about witness interference, which were presented as aggravating circumstances by the Prosecution and one of the Legal Representative of Victims, because the alleged interference was not proven to the standard required for aggravating circumstances, namely beyond reasonable doubt.

Ntaganda has already been in prison for the past 6 years since 2013 and this will be deducted from his sentence. He is now left with 24 years.

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