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Uganda Security Forces Heavily Deployed At Bobi Wine’s Home

Uganda’s  opposition politician, Bobi Wine, is under house arrest after Police and military heavily deployed forces on Wednesday morning. 

His home was heavily guarded by armed forces. A blockaged was also mounted around his home. He could not leave his house.

He said his private property, One Love Beach Busabala was also guarded since 11:00am.

Bobi said the move is to place him under house arrest and block his Independence Day music concert. “For singing truth to power, I can’t perform in my own country,” he said.

He also said that, “Gen. Museveni, so afraid of a critical microphone is doing everything to silence it.”

Bobi Wine accused President Museveni of attending concerts of his praise singers yet he deploys forces to stop him from performing. “All we say, let there be fairness! This is our country,” he said. “He recently registered himself as a musician in another desperate attempt to counter us.”

His cries attracted some lecturing on twitter later in the day.

“You are a good man,” said one Emmanuel SSERUNJOGI, “but I can tell that politics has no room for good hearted ones.There’s no single day u sh’d expect your opponent to play fair. At times you need to become bad to wipe out evil! Stop asking for fairness for it will never, come fight back.

Another follower comment that Bobi WIne needs to change his approach.

“Continue crying crocodile tears [with a crocodile smiley]. The moment you realise that your using a wrong approach it will be too late for you,” said Nelson Tusiime.

“I think you need to buy a chopper,” another said Yusuph Mbandu.

Meanwhile, neither the Police nor the Army issued no statement regarding the incident.

A video we cannot verify its authenticity was posted in the evening claiming Bobi Wine had escaped from the blocked. He was filmed jumping on a speeding motorcycle through a crowd in Kampala city.

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