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19 Kinigi Attackers Killed, 5 Captured

Police says at least 19 rebels among the group that attacked residents in Kinigi on Saturday have been killed.

In a statement issued Sunday evening, Police Spokesperson CP JB Kabera said that 5 of the rebels have been captured.

He said the search for the killers continues.

Meanwhile the number of victims has increased to 14.

“Most of them were killed with crude weapons. Others were stoned to death,” CP Kabera said.

Police also invited journalists for a tour to the scene where details of the incident and operations against the attackers will be shared.Hundreds of residents attended burial of the victim on Sunday evening in Musanze.

Unverified sources told Taarifa that the attackers are members of RUDI-URUNANA, a faction that was formed from a break up in FDLR leadership.

The man in the photo, said to be Cpl Emmanuel Ndayizeye, was captured by angry vigilantes on Saturday morning while hiding in a residents toilet when securing organs intervened.

Later on Sunday night, another man we are yet to confirm his name, was captured in Burera district as he tried to flee. He was also captured by local area residents.

The situation is now calm in Kinigi, but residents are still traumatized and in somber mood.


8 Killed, 18 Wounded By Unknown Assailants In Northern Province

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