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Restoration Church Urges Congregation On Responsible Road Usage

The ongoing national road safety campaign was extended to christians of Restoration Church in Masoro in City of Kigali, who were told to be responsible road users to minimize accidents caused by reckless road usage.

Apostle Joshua Masasu, while speaking to about 2000 Restoration Church Christians on Saturday, commended the Rwanda National Police (RNP) efforts to reduce road accidents and urged christians to respect traffic rules and regulations.

‘’Obey traffic rules, our lives matter. Obey God and government policies and you will be good Christians,” Apostle Masasu told the congregation.

“Traffic rules and particularly this campaign is meant to protect your lives and save all those innocent people killed in accidents everyday,’’ he added.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Marie Gorette Umutesi, the Police spokesperson for City of Kigali reminded them their respective responsibilities to ensure road safety as drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

“Always be vigilant when using the road, because it is used by many groups of users; vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians both the young and old, and all have rights on the same road. So, whatever you do should guarantee the safety of all,” CIP Umutesi said.

She urged them to always be vigilant not to be hit by vehicles, motorcycles and cyclists.

“When walking, always use the left side of the road facing the incoming traffic; avoid using a phone when crossing the road. Develop positive attitudes and decisions when using the road,” she added.

Gerayo Amahoro campaign, she said, is designed to educate all groups of road users to prevent behaviors that leads to fatal accidents such as driving under influence of alcohol or other spychotropic substances, speeding and other violations of traffic rules.

CIP Umutesi urged them to be ambassadors of road security by sensitizing their friends, families and community members on proper road usage.

“As Christians, we expect you to protect and save other people, teach your children and friends how to use the road safely, be road safety ambassadors of RNP in efforts to protect people living in Rwanda,” she reiterated.

The spokesperson also took time to enlighten them on other criminal acts like GBV, child abuse, including serving alcoholic beverages to children and child labour; trafficking and abuse of narcotic drugs, and urged them to work with the Police and share information on such crimes.

Gerayo Amahoro is a 52-week road safety campaign aimed at changing road users attitudes and behaviors to prevent road carnage.

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