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Solar Company, BBOXX Celebrates Connecting 80,000 Rwandan Households To Electricity

When Jean Baptiste Dusengimana lost his father, he was left with the responsibility of looking after his three younger sisters.

To help his mum look after his siblings, he joined BBOXX in 2016 and has been working for the company ever since.

His job helped him look after his siblings, then later on his young family.

When his sister got married, he went to the wedding proudly wearing a suit with the BBOXX logo on the vest, the dedication he showed to the company, impressed his bosses so much they awarded him as “Umukozi Windashyikirwa” meaning the most Dedicated Employee.

He received his prize this Saturday 17th August 2019, as the company celebrated reaching 80,000th customers electrified with clean energy.

The celebration also included a football match, the final of a month long tournament, pitting BBOXX teams from across the country, and it was won by Team East 2:0 against Team Kigali.

BBOXX chose to include its customers in the celebration, and rewarded its 80,000th customer Mr. Xavier Kaziyabagabo, with a brand new solar energy powered TV set. 

Kaziyabagabo bought a three lights and shaving machine BBOXX solar system, 2 months ago.

He bought the lights for his house, and the shaving machine for business.

With the earnings from his shaving machine he manages to pay the monthly installment of 7,000 to BBOXX and also generates extra income to cater for his other responsibilities.

He chose to use BBOXX solar system because the grid is yet to reach his neighborhood in Rutsiro district and additionally prefers clean energy to stay away from health hazards that other sources create. 

While speaking to our reporter Xavier Kaziyabagabo had this to say “I am very excited and grateful to God for this appreciation.”

The Managing Director Justus Mucyo, who also happened to be one of Team Kigali players, commented on the celebration saying “At BBOXX we value our customers, and we are striving to reach as many Rwandans with off grid solar electricity as the preferred source of energy as opposed to other sources of energy that pollute the air.”

On the affordability of BBOXX products for the average Rwandan, Managing Director answered “they are still expensive to some even though the prices are lower than what we had in the past. We are working towards providing a service to our customers that’s beneficial and affordable to them through having various discussions with the government to facilitate us in achieving this because we believe that access to electricity is a human right.”

There is a stark difference between a household with electricity and one without, he went on to say “Especially for children having a TV, which we provide, gives them an opening to the world, it stimulates their imagination and expands their horizons. The value we add to those families is long term.”

The Rwandan government has a plan to cover 100% of Rwanda households with electricity, but only 52% will be connected to the National Grid, the rest will be equipped with off-grid solutions. 

According to Mucyo, BBOXX plans to capture the biggest share of the off-grid market, but they are not limiting themselves to solar power. 

“BBOXX is a company that values innovation, we have a lot of new products in the pipeline, like BBOXX cook, to enable people to have access to affordable gas, we also plan on adding biogas to our line of products, and there are many more products we plan to introduce to the Rwandan market.”

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