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Kenyans Calling For The Release Of Motivational Speaker CK Charles

Charles Kinuthia a Kenya inspirational speaker was arrested in June alongside 2 other Kenyans and 14 Rwandans on charges of fraud and holding an illegal meeting.

Later on some of the accused were cleared and released leaving the three Kenyan national, Charles Kinuthia aka Coach Ck Charles, Vivian Khisa Mukwan and Rachel Matipei, alongside Rwandan national Muhamad Niyonkuru to face charges.

The four co-accused were prosecuted for organizing an event aimed at defrauding the attendents.

The one-day event in Kigali, called ‘’Money Wealth and Business Conference” was set on June 25th 2019, the Rwandan National Police became involved when overcrowding at the venue (Kigali Convention Centre) became a security issue.

Upon further investigation they decided to arrest the organisers of the event, as they had failed to show up at the event and had attempted to defraud the public by charging a $5 entry fee with the promise that the attendants would get $197 at the end of the event.

They were charged under Article 174 and 225 of the penal code on fraud and holding an illegal meeting.

Kenyans on Twitter started to call for the release of their fellow Kenyans, calling the arrest and detention an injustice.

The Rwandan Prosecution responded by stating that it had “investigated and submitted to the competent court, a case involving 3 Kenyans and 1 Rwandan for fraud and holding illegal public meetings aimed at promises that were found to be deceptive. A due process of law is in order for this matter and it is absolutely necessary to respect the court process and avoid unnecessary misleading publicity.”

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