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Bobi Wine Says Ziggy Wine’s Murder Shall Not Deter Their Struggle

Robert Kyagulanyi best known by his stage name, Bobi Wine, has said in a statement that the intention of the Ugandan Government to break their spirits through unexplained kidnaps, torture, murder of several ‘People Power’ supporters and other political activists, will never deter their struggle for a better Uganda.

This follows the death of his long-time friend, supporter and fellow musician Michael Kalinda aka Zigy Wyne who was abducted and subjected to horrendous forms of torture, a few weeks ago.

Having been beaten to near death, and dumped at Mulago hospital by unknown people where he spent a week before being identified by his family and friends, Ziggy was last night pronounced dead.

“My friend, fellow artiste and People Power comrade Ziggy Wine was kidnapped only to be found three days back tortured beyond recognition-left eye plucked out, two of his fingers cut off, belongings taken and left for dead. Pray for him, even as we struggle to end this state of affairs,” Bobi Wine tweted.

“Since August 2018 when I was brutally arrested and tortured alongside more than 36 other Ugandan political leaders and activists, countless other Ugandans who have openly identified the People Power movement have been kidnapped, illegally detained, tortured or murdered in cold blood,” he said in the statement.

Bobi Wine further said that only these past three months, there have been several attacks on many of his friends and comrades, some of whom died in very suspicious road accidents while others were poisoned.

For instance, on May 14, 2019 Raphael Walugembe, People Power’s coordinator and student of Nkozi University was shot dead in Nateete under suspicious circumstances.

Around June20th 2019, Mukisa Joshua William one of the People Power candidates in the Makerere University guild election was kidnapped, only to reappear with severe torture marks.

“Likewise, Ashburg Katto who also works with our media team was kidnapped only to be later dumped at a roadside,” Bobi Wine noted.

“These are only few of the many supporters and comrades who have been victims of targeted attacks. We have received reports of people being arrested and detained for putting on either the red beret or t-shirts branded with our symbols or slogans,” He said.

Kyagulanyi also says their calls to have these matters investigated by the authorities and perpetrators brought to book never yield much. They also filed several court cases about the violations including the one about the murder of his driver Yasin Kawuma, but there has not been much progress.

Sometimes, he says, officers handling them have disclosed that they are orders from above not to follow them up.

He says that many colleagues including those he works with very closely have received calls from unknown people with clear threats of death, should they continue to support People Power.

For instance, only yesterday Bobi Wine says that music promoters Andrew Mukasa (Bajjo) and Abbey Musinguzi (Abtex) were violently arrested, and their music show blocked for their perceived association with him and People Power.

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