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Senderi Hit Releases New Song For Rwanda Day A

Afro Beat artist Eric Senderi Nzaramba aka Senderi Hit, a Rwandan artiste who usually writes songs about government programmes, has released a new song titled “Umuco Wacu Turawugaruye”, loosely translated as ‘We Have Restored Our Culture’, dedicated to Rwandans who will attend Rwanda Day 2019.

He also dedicates the song to Edouard Bamporiki, the Chairman of National Itorero Commisssion.

Senderi Hit says the song lyrics feature a culture that had been lost and which Rwandans managed to restore.

“In the song, I also talk about how Rwanda died and resurrected. Now, what Rwandans put first are unity and good moral qualities, working together and giving one another cows as well as protecting what they have achieved,” he said in an interview with Inyarwanda, a local tabloid.

Senderi Hit has dedicated this song to Rwandans who will attend “Rwanda Day 2019” expected to happen Germany, as well as Hon Edouard Bamporiki.

He called on village and cell leaders that, if possible, they may give it to their residents because it will help them a lot.

Meanwhile, Senderi Hit also urges Bamporiki to give the song to all youth participating in National Service Programme also known as Urugerero.

From soldier to musician, Senderi started his musical career when he was still serving in the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) and is also known for fighting genocide ideology through music.

Some of his songs include ‘Abanyarwanda twaribohoye’ and many genocide tribute songs, like, ‘Intimba y’intore y’Imana.’

In 2016, he composed and released ‘Je suis là’, a French song, and ‘Mapenzi ni somo’, a Swahili Song.

  1. He has also performed at some concerts in Kampala, Uganda and Geita, Tanzania in 2017.

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