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Students To Start Third Term On Monday August 5th

According to a statement from the Ministry of Education, students in Rwanda will start the third term of the 2019 school year on Monday August 5th 2019, instead of being on August 12th like it was falsely claimed.

The statement follows a previous erroneous announcement, that looked like it had been written by the Ministry of Education and was widely believed to be true, creating confusion regarding the beginning of the third term announced as August 12th2019 in the fake announcement.

Parents and teachers are as of now relieved according to how they have reacted to the new statement signed by Minister of State in charge of Primary and Secondary Education Dr. Isaac Munyakazi, even if some of them are still bewildered by the previous one, who wrote it, and what he was intending to achieve by spreading such a rumour.

“We are happy to announce to the general public that Monday 5th August we are starting the third term of school year 2019. Announcement for students’ transportation is out now,” Dr. Munyakazi tweeted.

Replying to the tweet, Vianney Nkubana thanked the Minister but insisted that those who spread such rumours be “prosecuted by the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), or if there is no law in place for them, that they should be taken to rehabilitation centres because they constitute a threat to the nation.”

Kari Babi has said he was glad to learn about this good news but wonders why the news going all over Kigali is that school is starting on 12th. He said that the Ministry of Education should do something about it.

Meanwhile, according to the new statement, children studying in boarding schools located in the Southern Province such as Muhanga, Kamonyi, Nyanza and Huye districts will depart on Friday August 2th, 2019.

In addition, those studying in the schools from the Western Province Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts, as well as students from the City of Kigali in Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge districts will also depart on the same date.

The following day on Saturday August 3th, students who will go back to their schools are those studying in schools located in Ruhango, Gisagara, Nyaruguru and Nyamagabe districts from the Southern Province.

Students in schools located in Karongi, Rutsiro, Ngororero, Rubavu and Nyabihu districts of the Western Province will also go back to their schools on the same day.

Lastly, students in boarding schools of the Northern and Eastern provinces will depart from their homes on Sunday, August 4th.

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