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Rwanda DRC Border Reopened Following A Brief Closure

According to various sources and eyewitnesses in Rubavu, the Rwanda-DRC border posts have been reopened following a brief closure due to the growing Ebola crises in the DRC.

The closure followed the detection of a second Ebola case in Goma in less than a month, the new Ebola case was announced in a statement released on Tuesday 30 July 2019 by Dr Jean-Jacques Muyembe the Secretary of the Technical Committee for the Ebola Response in Goma.

Dr Jean-Jacques Muyembe, a local Ebola response coordinator and virologist, told reporters that there was no apparent connection between the new case and the previous one. Muyembe further said that the patient was being treated at the Ebola treatment Center in Goma and had been quarantined.

The man from a mining area in north-eastern Congo’s Ituri province arrived in Goma on July 13 and began to show symptoms on July 22, he died from the disease on July 30th.

But there is growing frustration with the fact that these infected go undetected for weeks. The miner from Ituri returned to Goma July 13. He developed the first signs of Ebola July 22 and apparently he has 10 kids.  The 3rd Ebola case in Goma is unfortunately the miner´s own one-year-old baby daughter. The question on many people’s mind is how many people was the miner in contact with in the weeks following his return?

The situation could easily grow out of control and become a major outbreak in city of more than a million citizens. More than 1,700 people have died since an outbreak in the eastern Congo was declared almost a year ago, prompting the World Health Organization in July to declare a global emergency.

In the first case in early July, a pastor tested positive and later died of Ebola after arriving in Goma by bus from a rural area among the hardest hit by the outbreak.

Congolese officials fear that the outbreak may spread from largely rural areas to Goma, a major transportation hub which registered its first Ebola infection in mid-July. They say they have increased surveillance at points of entry and sanitary control in and around Goma.

The Ebola virus is highly contagious and has an average fatality rate of about 50 percent, although an experimental but effective Ebola vaccine has been rolled out

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