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President Kagame Appoints Diplomats To 15 Countries

Paul Kagame has appointed 15 representatives to foreign countries.

The new ambassadors include Maj. Gen. Charles Karamba, who has been Rwanda’s Air Force Chief of Staff, Eng. Jean de Dieu Uwihanganye Minister of State in charge of Transport in the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA), Marie Chantal Rwakazina, Mayor of the City of Kigali and Wellars Gasamagera who was General Director for the Rwanda Management Institute (RMI).

Others include Emmanuel Hategeka Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer at Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Dr Aisa Kirabo Kacyira Deputy Executive Director and Assistant Secretary-General of UN-Habitat since November 2011.

They have been appointed to the following countries
1. Angola: Wellars GASAMAGERA/Ambassador
2. Canada: Prosper HIGIRO/ High Commissioner
3. China: James KIMONYO/Ambassador
4. DR Congo: Vincent KAREGA/ Ambassador
5. Egypt : Alfred KALISA/Ambassador
6. France: Dr Francois-Xavier NGARAMBE/Ambassador
7. Ghana: Dr Aissa KIRABO KACYIRA/High Commissioner
8. Morocco: Sheikh Saleh HABIMANA/ Ambassador
9. S. Korea: Yasmin AMRI SUED/Ambassador
10. Qatar: Francois NKULIKIYIMFURA/ Ambassador
11. South Africa: Eugene SEGORE KAYIHURA/ High Commissioner
12. Singapore: Jean de Dieu UWIHANGANYE/ High Commissioner
13. Switzerland: Marie-Chantal RWAKAZINA/ Ambassador
14. Tanzania: Maj. Gen. Charles KARAMBA/ High Commissioner
15. The United Arab Emirates: Emmanuel HATEGEKA/Ambassador

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