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Pastor Warren Urges Rwandan Leaders To Dream Big

Renowned American Evangelist Pastor Warren has urged Rwandan leaders in all sectors of life to dream big if they want to succeed in whatever projects they are undertaking.

He was speaking on Tuesday at ‘Purpose Driven Leadership Conference’, an event organised by Peace Plan Rwanda initiative, a network of church members established to spread peace.

It brought together 2000 leaders from the public, private and faith sectors.

The conference aimed at encouraging leaders to embark on the national transformation trajectory that leads to building a purpose driven nation through what is offered by businesses, churches and government.

Pastor Warren said that all great interventions and businesses began with a dream and until someone starts dreaming, nothing happens.

“What are you dreaming for your business? What are you dreaming for your nation? What are you dreaming for your congregation? If you studied the Bible, every time that God makes a miracle, is that somebody believed or started dreaming,” he said.

He said that whenever God wants to bless one’s life, he starts by giving them a dream.

He cited examples from the Bible about people who were called by God and whom he gave a dream.

“Noah had a dream of building an arch. Abraham had a dream of building a new nation. Moses had a dream of setting a nation free from slavery. Nehemiah was a businessman who had a dream of building a wall around the capital,” he said.

Warren added that what he loves about dreaming is that it does not cost anything.

“You can dream all you want and it does not cost any money at all. How do you know that a dream is from God? He said that to know that a dream is from God, you will not be able to accomplish it in your own power. It will be a dream so big that will involve other people and God. It will require you to take risks in faith.

“I am just wondering if there is a dream in your heart right now that you have been afraid to let out. All great interventions and businesses began with a dream,”

He said that almost 30 years ago, God gave Kay (his wife) and him a dream of build a new kind of church. They had no money, no building, no members, nothing. All they had was the dream.

However, Pastor Warren argued that a dream alone is worthless until someone decides to go after it.

He also said that there should be other investments in terms of decision making whether time, money and effort.

“I have discovered that for every 10 dreamers, there is only one decision maker. Most people will not do anything about their dreams; they just let it die.

He believes that the decision phase is the moment of truth and one has to make two decisions; decision to invest in time, money, effort, energy and reputation.

The second decision, he said, is to let go of something old because you cannot grab onto the new without letting go of something old.

President Paul Kagame attended the event.


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