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Special Message From RRA Commissioner General To Tax Payers


Am pleased to congratulate you upon completing fiscal year 2018/2019 successfully with us and welcome you to begin this new year 2019/2020 with us too.

Over the course of the last three financial years we have been able to relatively record an improved level of co-operative compliance between RRA and her stakeholders.

This was made possible through continuous engagement meetings where both parties agreed on actions that prompt tax compliance.

Frequent Tax risk reviews have helped us to identify risk areas within different business sectors which help us concentrate our focus on these sectors more.

It is my pleasure to announce to you that in the previous financial year 2018/2019 we were able to achieve our target collection of Rwf 1,373.06 billion, and we could not have done it without your commitment and compliance in remitting your share of the tax and fees.

As we continue this journey together in the year 2019/2020 our target collection is Rwf 1,535.8 billion representing 54.1% of the national budget which is Rwf 2,876.9billion.

I want to commend the role of Compliance Improvement Plan in our previous year as it enabled us realize Tax revenues increase in almost all targeted sectors and in almost all tax heads.

Taxpayers registration has increased and late filling of tax returns has decreased.

For that reason, in this FY 2019/2020 we will enhance our compliance improvement plans mainly to; Information and Communication Technology sector; Hotels, Bars and Restaurants; Importers and Customs Brokers (Clearing Agents) to improve their levels in voluntary compliance.

Therefore, we have put in place the following plans to drive actions and we hope for your usual collaboration to make this possible and fruitful.

To mention but a few, we shall:

  1. Meet Rwanda Hotels Association to learn together hindrances to compliance, relook compliance concepts and strategy; agree terms for mutual support; encourage associations to coordinate sector meetings and workshops.
  2. Encourage the Private Sector Federation (PSF) and Rwanda Freight Forwarders Association to coordinate meetings and workshops with high risk importers and Customs brokers.
  3. Start the extension of EBM Project to all taxpayers and ensure its appropriate use.
  4. Continue to use modern risk management tools to identify tax compliance risks
  5. Strengthen our media, taxpayer relations and education to disseminate information about RRA initiatives and services as well as ensure best possible customer services.
  6. Enforce the provisions of the law to tax evaders because tax evasion slows down the nation’s development and it demonstrate lack of patriotism.

Tax evasion like all other criminal practices cripples our economy and society and it demonstrates lack of patriotism.

I call upon everyone to avoid indulging into such malpractices and condone it by reporting those who act outside the scope of tax law.

In conclusion, I’d like to applaud the progress that has been made through our collaboration with you all esteemed stakeholders and I’m very optimistic that there is a lot more to be done as we look forward to a self-reliant Rwanda.

I thank you.

Pay Taxes, Build a Better Rwanda

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