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Pastor Warren Says Rwanda’s Critics Are Jealous Of The Progress

Pastor Rick Warren has said that critics of Rwandan leadership are not happy with what the country has achieved from a bleak past.

Pastor Warren, who has been a long-time good friend of Rwanda and Paul Kagame’s advisor, is in the country to attend an evangelical gathering on Tuesday on leadership and values.

Warren spoke to journalists in Kigali on Friday, ahead of the event.

He said that Rwanda is among the countries he is proud to live in because of where it has came from to become an exemplary country in the world.

He said he is very offended by those who discredit the country without knowing what they are saying.

“Of one hundred countries, it is only in Rwanda where I have not been asked for bribes, which shows the values that the country is built on,” he said.

He told journalists that he is saddened by those who criticise Rwanda without knowing what they are really saying.

He has categorized Rwanda’s critics into four; the genocide perpetrators, the United Nations, the French and Rwandan officials who were fled the country over corruption.

He said that the first category of Rwanda’s critics comprises of the genocide perpetrators and corrupt officials who left the country and are envious of the achievements.

They to criticise Rwanda’s leadership because they no longer have influence or power.

The second category includes the French.

France supported the genocide perpetrators while it could have stopped the genocide. They are also jealous of Rwanda’s development.

The third category is the UN, which could also have stopped the genocide but didn’t.

This organisation, according to Pastor Warren, wants countries depend on it, and Rwanda is choosing not to, it opting to be sovereign and self-reliant.

“The UN thinks that no poor country can develop but Rwanda proves it wrong. I also talk with those at the United Nations and they are also jealous of Rwanda,” he said.

This 66-year-old American evangelist says that in all 65 African countries that he travels to, they all wish to be like Rwanda.

“I have more than 3000 Christians who have been to Rwanda. If there had been a problem, someone would have told me so. They tell me that what the press says is quite different from what is happening in the country,” he said.


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