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Belgian Courts To Try Five Rwandan Genocide Suspects

Three Rwandans accused of taking part in the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsis will face judges in October by the Assize Court of Brussels.

In December 2018, the Belgian prosecution had announced that Ernest Gakwaya, Emmanuel Nkunduwimye and Fabien Neretse should be tried for “genocide crime” and “war crimes”.

Two other Rwandans are facing the same charges.

They are dentified only by their initials – “MB” and “TK” – and will be tried in another trial in the Brussels court, in a separate case.

The trial of Gakwaya, Nkunduwimye and Neretse, arrested in 2011, will be the fifth to be handled by the court in Brussels on genocide crimes.

The jury selection will take place on October 21, while the trial expected to last several weeks will start on the 24th.

Towards the end of 2009, Ephrem Nkezabera, nicknamed the “banker of the genocide”, was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment for “war crimes” by the Assize Court of Brussels.

The court had already sentenced two clergymen, a University professor and a Rwandan industrialist in 2001, two traders from the north of the country in 2005, and a former major in July 2007.

Gakwaya and Nkunduwimye will face charges of killings and one or more rapes.

They are suspected of having been members of the Interahamwe militias, very involved in the genocide, which they deny.

Fabien Neretse is notably suspected of being involved in the murder of Claire Beckers and her family.

Claire Beckers is a Belgian who ran an ice cream shop in Kigali and was married to a Tutsi, Isaiah Bucyana.

The couple and her daughter were killed in Kigali a few days after the start of the genocide on April 9, 1994.

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