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American Pastor, Rick Warren, To Preach At Mega Gathering In Kigali

American evangelist Rick Warren is back in Kigali to preach.
Together with other evangelists, Warren, who is among the founders of PEACE Plan Rwanda initiative, will preach at the event scheduled on July 9, 2019.

About 2000 participants, particularly leaders, will attend the event.

The them of this year’s event is purpose driven leadership.

About 1800 leaders from the country are expected attend. Over 1000 clergymen will attend too.

PEACE Plan Rwanda is a network of religious leaders that empowers members local leaders through a Fellowship (RLF).

The gathering provides a platform for leaders to interact and engage on matters of leadership.

“Everyone needs to learn how to manage their time better, for example,” Warren told journalists on Fridsy.

“Everyone needs to learn how to handle or resolve conflicts; it is a skill that people learn and nobody learns it in a school,” he said.

Pastor Warren, a good friend to President Kagame, and has since 2004 been a benovelent admirer and proponent of Kagame’s administration.


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