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Rihanna Protests Against Violence In Sudan,

American singer, Robyn Rihanna, is using her global influence to call out and raise awareness about the ongoing violence in Sudan following mass civilian protests on the streets of  Khartoum.

She said on Twitter that with more protests planned for today (Sunday, June 30,) “I send my (love) and I pray for the safety of the Sudanese people. They have a right to speak out and demand peace, justice and a transition to civilian rule.”

Rihanna said on her Twitter handle that over 100 were killed and hundreds more were wounded during the June 3 protests.

The crisis in Sudan began after former president of Sudan,  Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, was toppled from office early April.

Since then, demonstrators have called for a democratic government,  but the Sudanese military has responded with rethal force and violation against peaceful protesters, escalating the already complicated situation.Bashir is charged with corruption and abuse of office.

“Military rulers need to be held accountable. Praying for no more killings or abuse today,” Rihanna said in the tweet.

Rihanna also called for fight for human rights and pledged her support and standing with protesters in Sudan.

Her tweets have attracted hundreds of reactions across the world.

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