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Kagame Is Not Aggressive, His Anger Is Cold

While the controversy is growing around the interview of Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame, last weekend on France 24, I wish to express my regret of the unfair treatment in various Western media about this interview and the way Paul Kagame and his attitude are presented.

I read that Paul Kagame “completely went nuts” (Medium) or “face au commissaire européen, Kagame s’emporte sur les droits de l’homme » (RFI).

The video is available on Youtube speaks for itself.

Kagame is not aggressive, his anger is cold (and legitimate maybe?), he speaks genuinely without raising his voice.

At the same time, no one draws the reader’s attention to the journalist of France 24 to question her attitude, which could be looked as condescending with some complex of superiority in the air.

Paul Kagame is an African leader whose vision and discourses inspire many people who fight for African dignity, unity and prosperity.

And look at Rwanda today.

Travel, go there, open your eyes, meet the people.

There are things that he thinks or does I disagree with.

Politics is vital but it is so violent too and a source of injustice and sufferings.

It can make you forget that Love exists, or make you feel lonely and challenged in your deep ethics while facing one big decision to take, or make you feel very suspicious about people around you and far away. And so on.

No doubt there are here and there Human Rights violations in Rwanda, but there are also Human Rights violations in Europe, for instance in France where I live.

It would be good and fair to ask similar questions to European leaders.

We are many to be tired of decades not to say more of inaccurate, ignorant and bullying information and coverage by Western media about Africa (not all of them of course).

Kagame shows a good example of how to be respected and how to make points that inspire many Africans and not only.

Last but not least, I dream of one Europe, one Africa, One World where lives One Humanity united in respect and tolerance and with no Human Rights violation.

To be more realistic: a World with as less as Human Rights violations possible.

Timon Van Lidth is an African Migration Specialist and independent consultant.

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