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Rwanda Deploys 160 Female Peacekeepers To Troubled S. Sudan

Early Monday morning, a Police contingent composed of 160 Police Officers under the command of SSP Jackline Urujeni family was given their last briefings before they fly to South Sudan in a UN peacekeeping mission.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dan Munyuza briefed the Second female – dominated contingent prior to their departure in Wednesday.

They replace a contigent that has served for one year in South Sudan under the Command of ACP Teddy Ruyenzi.

IGP told the officers that they have been well trained, and that they have the skills and readiness required to fulfill the duty .

“What we expect from you is to implement your mandate and always maintain Rwandan and Rwanda Police values,” he said.

“We wish you to uphold the legacy of the contigent you are replacing. Learn from other peacekeepers’policing experience and respect your host country’s culture and beliefs,” the Police chief said.

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