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Doctors Discover The “Rare” Disease Recently Reported In Girls As Mass Hysteria

Finally doctors discover the disease affecting girls who were recently reported to be suffering from a rare disease.

The Ministry of Health has announced that it has identified a condition that was found in secondary school girls.

They were suffering from mass hysteria, according to doctors from the ministry who conducted investigations.

While the disease was reported in girls, the ministry says that boys are not immune as well.

The disease was found in girls from GS Rambura Fille in Nyabihu District as well as NEGA in Bugesera District, more than 200 kilometres from Nyabihu District.

Earlier, foctors from nearby health centers had examined more than 45 girls but didn’t find any disease.

The girls had trouble walking, with their nimble legs.

Specialists from the ministry were then deployed to investigate further.

They finally identified the disease as mass hysteria.
Dr. Jean Damascene Iyamuremye, the Director of Psychiatric care unit at the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) said that mass hysteria is a mental condition but exhibits symptoms outside the body as well.

“Based on the symptoms we found, we can confirm that the disease is what is called ‘mass hysteria’, the person is mentally ill but exhibits symptoms on the body,” he said.

What causes mass hysteria?

Dr. Iyamuremye says that the disease stems from past or recent trauma.

He says that he believes the disease is related with the trauma found among about 30% of Rwandans.

He adds that the condition is most likely to be the repercussion of the lingering trauma, called ‘complex trauma’.

He further explains that even though the schools are not located next to one other, there exists a subtle bond between the students that people have not yet noticed, which can be transmitted without necessarily meeting.

“There are phenomena that people are not familiar with, such as ‘telepathy’ by which people can directly communicate thoughts or feelings at distance,” he noted.

Dr. Iyamuremye says that the disease was particularly diagnosed in females because they are more likely susceptible to traumatic experiences.

However, he notes that they are not the only ones likely to be affected since, normally, one among 10 people likely to acquire the disease re males.

Meanwhile, about 45 students who were diagnosed with the condition are receiving medical care by health experts.

No one is admitted to see them except those who are treating them, because the more many people visit them, the more their condition gets complicated.

Medics are maintaining closer observations to a certain details.

Why Does Mass Hysteria Affect Mostly Women?

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