Taarifa Rwanda

VIDEO: Rwandans Reveal Life Inside Uganda’s Torture Houses

Rwanda has welcomed more than 20 Rwandans deported from Uganda, where they had been illegally detained.

Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe, Minister of State in charge of the East African Community, expressed his sympathy to the deported Rwandans and their families for the pain and difficulties they faced.

He said that, “These illegal detentions, mistreatment and deportations is the reason the Government of Rwandan advised our citizens not to travel to Uganda. We continue to call on Uganda to halt all collaboration with terrorist groups hostile to Rwanda including RNC, in targeting, illegally detaining, and torturing Rwandans and instead use lawful means to bring to justice any Rwandans suspected of breaking the law.”

The deportation of these victims is not an isolated case.

The fate of hundreds of Rwandans, whose names are known to the government of Uganda, who have been killed, arrested, incarcerated without consular access and tortured, nor the close to one thousand illegally deported to Rwanda in inhumane conditions has never been addressed by Uganda, though repeatedly brought up by Rwanda through diplomatic channels.

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