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Burundian Refugee Girl Writes To President Kagame Seeking Justice After Rwandan Man Sexually Abuses, Impregnates Her

Peri Niyibigira, a Burundian girl from a refugee camp in Rwanda is in a critical life condition after she was in 2018 subjected to extreme violence, including being sexually abused and impregnated by a Rwandan man.

The man is called Evode Mushingwama, reportedly seats on the Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee.

The girl says he threatened and attempted to kill her after sexually abusing her and impregnating her.

Niyibigira has reported her case to Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) and the Rwanda National Police, desperately seeking justice, but she is yet to receive it, more than a year now.

How did it begin?

Niyibigira left the refugee camp to look for a job in Kigali.

She met Evode Mushingwama in 2018, in a bar in Gisozi where she had started working to earn a living and take care of her three year old son.

In a classic arrogant setting of promiscous men, Mushingwama approached her and promised to offer her a better paying job.

He took her to his friend’s business where he kept monitoring her without her knowledge.

After a few days, he told her that he had devorced his wife  and to would be fine to accommodate her with the son. He gave her house instructions that she would not leave and no one should visit her.

She adhered to these instructions. She trusted him and needed to keep the job.

Mushingwama quickly started demanding for sexual favours.

She had no choice, but to face the new hard life. She obliged.

Mushingwama did not care about her feelings. He demanded for sex anytime he he wanted. In some instances, she said, he raped her until she got pregnant.

With the pregnancy, she started falling sick.

One day she fainted and called him to come take her to the hospital.

He declined. She found her way out to the hospital.

She went to Kacyiru Police Hospital (Isange One Stop Centre) where she spent five days. He didn’t go to see what had happened to her.

He sent her threatening text messages warning her not to come to his house again.

“All he did was to send my child over to me at the hospital where I was laying helpless. He told the babysitter to inform me that I should not come back home when I get discharged. He switched off his phone and even never gave me my belongings,” Niyibigira wrote in an anguished letter to the Minister of Justice.

He also sent strangers to intimidate her.

“I was told that I should disappear as Burundian refugees are killed in Rwanda,” she told Taarifa.

Later he promised to meet her.

They met and drove to an unknown place in the middle of the night and attempted to kill her. She was rescued by local security patrol (inkeragutabara).

“He took me in a bush close to la Colombierre School where he wanted to kill me,” she testifies. “In that bush, we fought and wrestled and I made so much noise that he got afraid and ran away,” says Niyibigira.

Taarifa learnt of the case last year when a good Samaritan who was hosting her came to us requesting for her story to be told so that she could get justice.

We contacted Evode Mushingwama.

He promised to meet and cancelled all our meetings.

We informed the Police Chief Dan Munyuza. He assigned a senior Police officer to follow u the case and assist her in whatever she needed and deserved.

She was taken back to the Gender Based Violence Department.

A case was filed and RIB began an investigation into the case. At this time, she was still living and is still being helped by the same Samaritan.

She endured several episodes of trauma until she went into labour last week. All this time, concerned authorities were dill-darling on her case.

RIB filed a case charging the man of intimidation. Thats all.

Prosecution filed the case. The man was investigated and brought to court. The court cleared him of any charges and declared him an innocent man.

She lost it and was psychologically divested. She wrote to the President hoping she would get justice.

Taarifa has seen a letter she wrote to the President and the Minister of Justice.

By press time, Taarifa had confirmed that she had not yet received any response.

Back to the Police Hospital in Kacyiru. After a successful delivery of Evode Mushingwama’s, who has not even showed up to see her, medical attendants discharged her, only to find out that she has no ability to foot the bill.

Drama has ensued at the hospital. She cannot pay, and the hospital cannot keep her.

Until press time, she was still battling with medical attendants who have no idea what to do with her.

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