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No Full Potential Unless Others Around You Benefit, Kagame Tells Carnegie Mellon Students

On May 24, 2019 a student from Carnegie Mellon University wrote to President Kagame requesting to meet together with fellow students.

“We are students from Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and in Pittsburgh. We are here in Rwanda until June 1st teaching programming at secondary schools. We would love to meet with you and discuss your vision for education in Rwanda and how we can contribute,” wrote Andrew Edward on Twitter.

President Kagame met with students on Thursday, May 30.

Kagame hosted the students at Village Urugwiro and shared insights on how Rwanda intends to achievs its aspirations.

“There is no better way than through education, knowledge and skills and development,” he said.

He also shared some wisdom.

“You don’t reach full potential unless others around you also benefit. We never sought to have Rwanda, we want the best for ourselves but that is much better if others that we have to relate to, are doing well. That is the whole idea for the partnership with CMU,” he said.

Photos / Urugwiro 

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