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The Man Behind Golden ‘Marigarita’ Love Song

Iyamuremye Israel doesn’t think anything can separate him from singing and pricking strings of his own improvised guitar.

He also has a big dream of one day performing to a large audience in Kigali.

He only needed a 10-litre cooking oil jerry-can to make a guitar, a piece of stick chiseled and straightened to form the neck of his creation.

The frets are drilled into the neck because there is no fretboard on his guitar.

With a hot knife, Iyamuremye sliced through the jerrycan to insert the wooden guitar neck.

The sound that exudes from this handmade guitar is so authentic and breathtaking.

Until recently, Iyamuremye was not known beyond his village.

An unidentified person bumped into Iyamuremye at the foot of a hill in remote part of Rwanda on a chilly morning.

Iyamuremye had been on the roadside with other mates welcoming the rising sun as it broke away from the mist covering the steep hills.

“Good morning. Tell us your name and what you do,”  a man in this video is heard interracting with this hooded musician, doning a pair of tired jeans well tucked-in stripped t-shirt and polishable leather shoes.

“My name is Iyamuremye Israel. I have been an artist for a long time. I have new songs and I have well mastered them,” Iyamuremye responds and seconds after introduces a seductive love song titled ‘Marigarita’.

For almost three minutes Iyamuremye pricks away his three strings guitar singing along in a romantic voice praising Marigarita, the lady who took away his heart.

In the song, Marigarita is such a beautiful lady that God may have spent more time creating her – Iyamuremye swears he is never going to let Marigarita slip through his hands.

Click and listen to this beautiful love song Marigarita.

This video has generated a lot of attention and sharing across several whatsapp groups.

Nobody seems to exactly know the village Iyamuremye lives in.

His dream is to transform his music into commercially viable product and earn a living but also scale to the Rwandan billboard charts and beyond.

He also dreams of the day his music will play across local FM radios in the country and perform at prestigious venues in the capital Kigali, which seems a far dream for him.

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