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Sankara Exposes Uganda’s Hand In Nyungwe Forest Attacks

A rebel leader currently undergoing trial in a Rwandan court has made revelations that are like adding pepper into the already sour relations between Uganda and Rwanda.

Nsabimana Callixte also known as Major Sankara has told Gasabo court of first instance in Kigali that Uganda had promised to provide bigger weapons to support the National Forces for Liberation (FLN) to overthrow the government.

Before his arrest in April, Sankara told court that he had already succeeded in securing a mega deal with Uganda through Brig. Gen. Abel Kandiho heading the notorious Chieftaincy of military Intelligence.

Kandiho is known for habouring bad intentions against Rwanda and is clandestinely propping up support for RNC and resurrecting FDLR. This is a grand plan for regime change in Rwanda. Kandiho has also facilitated RNC to continue to operate freely in Uganda.

“We requested for military weapons and diplomatic support. Kandiho was not available personally but sent us someone at a rank of colonel under the External Security organisation. All we requested for was approved,” Sankara confessed.

Sankara’s confessions are likely to strain further the frost relations between the two neighbouring countries.  Rwanda has advised its citizens against travelling to Uganda because their security cannot be guaranteed.

Uganda still denies charges of bankrolling RNC and FDLR including arbitrary arrests and torture meted out to Rwandans and incarcerating in unknown detention facilities plus denying them access to consular services.

He told court that he was arrested at the time his rebel group was preparing to send another team to finally seal the deal and have it implemented.

Sankara said, “I plead guilty to that offence and seek forgiveness”.

Meanwhile, Sankara revealed that Burundi has been very instrumental in providing support to the FLN fighters in their movement from their training bases in DRC through Burundi’s Kibira forest then to Chibitoke area up to Nyungwe forest.

He said the December 15th attack on cars in Nyungwe forest was against the orders given by the Rwanda Movement for Democratic Change (MRCD).

The FLN is the military wing for the MRCD political organization whose leaders also include Paul Rusesabagina whose objective is to effect a regime change in Kigali.

“We had ordered the FLN to blow up bridges, raid police installations and military bases and both sector and district offices in their vicinity,” Sankara said adding that he admits responsibility to this crime.

However, before this attack, Sankara told court that he had negotiated with Maj. Gen. Sinayobye Barnabé who had called him saying that he wanted to do something weird at the beginning of the year.

“I thought he meant one of those operations we had agreed upon under the MRCD,”Sankara pleaded.

The incident led to the deaths of two people and eight others were injured.

Sankara told court that the forms of attacks conducted by FLN were not those agreed upon under MRCD.

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