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Private Security Firms Asked To Step Up Vigilance

Private Security Service Providers (PSSP) have been urged to be vigilant in their day-to-day duties to supplement efforts towards sustainable security.

The call was made on Tuesday by the Commissioner for PSSP, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Jean-Nepomuscene Mbonyumuvunyi while opening four-day training for KK security top managers.

Private security companies are licensed and supervised by Rwanda National Police (RNP).

ACP Mbonyumuvunyi said that practical cooperation and information sharing in particular, between RNP and private security firms is inevitable in fighting and preventing crimes.

“We are all concerned and responsible for the safety and security of people living in Rwanda, and that calls for partnership at all levels to give no room for wrongdoers,” ACP Mbonyumuvunyi said.

He added: “We are in a dynamic society; even criminals improve their ways to commit crimes. RNP is committed to facilitating training for private security firms to further improve their knowledge and skills against any crime.”

So far, seven private security firms have benefited from this training programme.

“This training programme has created impact, the reporting and information system so far is effective… this training will be extended to all the 17 private security companies to be on the same understanding on security matters,” ACP Mbonyumuvunyi said.

“We urge you to keep that partnership through information sharing, be more professional and RNP is ready to provide assistance,” he reiterated.

Eddy Sebera Kimenyi, the Managing Director of KK Security said they hope to gain more skills and knowledge from the training, which will facilitate their daily security work.

“We have 1600 personnel countrywide, we are training 18 top managers in four days with the hope that they will train others so that all of our staff have the same understanding on how to secure areas of their responsibilities but also to be eyes and ears in the vicinity”, Kimenyi said.

“We appreciate RNP’s support as our regulator; they put much effort into training, every year they train us. They want private security firms to be more competitive and professional to protect Rwandans,” he stated.

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