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President Marcon Decrees On Commemoration Of Genocide Against Tutsi

French President Emmanuel Macron has decreed that the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi shall henceforth be observed and commemorated in France every year on 7th day of April.

Subject to the provisions of Article 37 in the French constitution that grants the president of the republic with powers to decree, Macron has thus done so on the commemoration of genocide against Tutsi.

According to a document signed by the president Macron on this matter on Monday, the Prime minister is informed of the three provisions of this new Decree No. 2019-435 of 13 May 2019 on the annual commemoration of the genocide of the Tutsi.

Article 1 provides;

“The date of the annual commemoration of the Tutsi genocide is 7 April.”

Article 2 clearly states that;

“Every year, on this date, a ceremony is organized in Paris. A similar ceremony can be organized in each department at the initiative of the prefect.”

Article 3;

“The Prime Minister is responsible for the implementation of this decree, which will be published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.”

Jacques Kabale Ambassador reacted to the news saying, “Decree dedicating the Day of April 7 to the genocide against the Tutsi, published in the Official Journal. An act of solidarity with Tutsi victims and commendable political courage.”

France and Rwanda have for the past 25 years remained in frosty diplomacy but the regime of President Marcon is going to be viewed differently by the Rwandans.

Rwanda accuses France of complicity in the genocide against Tutsi through its support of Interahamwe militia who carried out most of the slaughter.

More than a million Tutsi lost their lives in the horrific genocide that was well planned and executed.

Although France has admitted it made mistakes but insists it never had a role in the massacre.

This decree is expected to propel a new shift in France’s relations with Rwanda and comes at a time President Paul Kagame and President Marcon have met three consecutive times in 2018.

However, France still hosts tens dozens of suspects including kingpins of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

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