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What Are The Investment Opportunities In Nyagatare?

As part of a series of district investment forums taking place across the country, RDB (Rwanda Development Board) on Friday organised the Nyagatare Investment Forum. 

The Forum, which attracted over 200 attendees from the private and public sector, was organized in partnership with Nyagatare District administration.

Speaking during the event, the RDB Head of Investment Promotion, Winifred Ngangure said there are vast profitable investment opportunities in Nyagatare district especially in Agriculture.

She added that RDB has identified projects that investors can be a part of and help transform Rwanda in terms of ensuring food security, promoting exports and improving agricultural mechanization and processing.

“Projects such as the Gabiro Agro Park will double the land under irrigation, increase crop harvest, mitigate post-harvest losses and allow investors to set up plants for further agro-processing and value addition,” she said.

Investment opportunities in Nyagatare District include:


Nyagatare District has various agro-business opportunities for investors which include crop sourcing for trade which includes providing support to small scale farmers to improve crop quality. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can invest in the provision of seeds and fertilizers to farmers and scaling up of irrigation and mechanization techniques. Opportunities also abound in aquaculture, horticulture, meat processing, poultry and dairy farming and cold chain infrastructure development.

Manufacturing and agro-processing:

Investors have opportunities to be part of the establishment of the Nyagatare Modern Slaughter House in the Rutaraka Industrial Zone. They can also help set up the Nyagatare Maize Mill Factory, Milk processing industry and be a part of the management of the Nyagatare modern market built to facilitate traders in agriculture and manufactured goods.

Other investment opportunities:

Nyagatare district also presents more opportunities in bee keeping, seed production, investing in the Rutaraka Industrial Park, Management of the Nyagatare Sports Complex, development of a golf course and shareholding in the Nyagatare Car Park.

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