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Alain Muku Returns With Tona Tona Hit Song

Although he was known for judicial matters under the Public Prosecution, Alain Mukuralinda is making a comeback but this time in a difference package as a musician.

Tona Tona is an icebreaker song that catapults this learned singer back into the limelight after six years of no music from his camp.

Released on April 25, Tona Tona is ready to hit the airwaves in Kigali and send romance enthusiasts into an overdrive as they sing and pamper their loved ones as the song suggests.

Popularly known as Alain Muku, he rose to fame on the music scene with his zouk centred Murekatete hit single. For many Rwandans, it is a legendary song that remains fresh both listening, singing along and dancing.

Alain Muku, pampering a lady as featured in the new hit Tona Tona

“Tona Tona is a phrase derived from ‘Gutonesha’ a Kinyarwanda word meaning pampering. In this song am reminding men to love and pamper their wives or fiancées,” Mukuralinda told Taarifa in an exclusive conversation from his current base in Ivory Coast.

The video clip for this latest song was shot in Ivory Coast on the ocean shores. The lady featuring mostly is an Ivorian including the dancers and all traditional drums and costumes used.  

Although He remained cagey on the budget he has slotted into this music project, Mukuralinda said by the end of this year, he will have released 5 songs.  “So far four are being worked on in the studio for fine tuning”.

Responding to the deteriorating quality of local Rwandan music, Alain Muku thinks that it is mostly caused by lack of originality among local artists.

“Our artists need to produce music that is more appealing to Rwandans to gain local support,” He said.


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