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Should Businesses Buy Academic Research Projects?

Seven years ago, few weeks after opening of Knowledge Lab in Kigali, i was discussing with Aimable Tuyishime about his ideas of building an apps which allow students to sell their academic researches to entrepreneurs and investors!

Technically it was more of a matching apps between students and those who want to source original ideas and which are matured a little bit.

We were excited to see how this idea is very scalable and how it will improve quality of work done by students, the fact i know Aimable as one the top software engineers in Rwanda, I couldn’t wait to see myself selling my thesis to the Platform.

To cut the story short, this idea died like many others, entrepreneurship is no joke, it takes more than technical competency and the juicy idea…..

Few days ago I was doing my routine sport of biking every weekend, whenever am around, then i met this young men who make their living by transporting laggages on bikes,…it is a very physical demanding job.

They use their bikes to connect farmers to the market, and support consumers to deliver product at their home.

For a minute i asked myself what is wrong? How comes do we still use the same transport means invented hundred years ago without any transformation?

I remembered my conversation with my friend Aimable,…what is wrong with our engineers those graduating from local schools or from Ivy league in the State? Is it that we can’t solve our own problems or we don’t care? Of course, it is not my first time to see this, myself 20 years ago i used to fetch water or transport things using bike

In approx. Two weeks, Rwanda is hosting Africa Transform Summit, which by definition is the largest tech Summit on Continent, Sofia, the robot will attend and Kasperksy will appear!

We will be talking AI, Big Data, Blockchain and IoT…..but i can bet there will be no solid product for our local market and the exposure will be for Big Fishes!

In my responsabilities at Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum, technology integration accross the Value Chain is my core Task…..and not from policy Point of view but Solutions provision.

I am still thinking about a better approach i can use to play a significant role in transformation the life of People,….world is enjoying self driving cars and more, …my brother is still relying on bike to make his living!

I invite engineer to respond on local problem!

I cant imagine what we can do if Iniatiative like Andela were focusing on local matters or supporting local Startup which are solving local problems and creating value to local market…

The author is CEO and Founder of GO LTD

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