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Frw 17 Billion Not Accounted For – Auditor General Report

A whooping Frw 17,412,794,231 is not accounted for by public parastatals- the Auditor General revealed while presenting an annual report for the just concluded financial year [FY 2018].

Much of this money is not reflected in the books of accounts of affected institutions by either error or commission.

The Auditor General, Biraro Obadiah tabled his report on Monday afternoon before parliament involving both chambers.

The report captures the state of finances for the financial year which ended 30/06/2018.

According to the report, the Auditor General combed through 173 public entities and projects, which comprise of 142 budget agencies and projects, 5 Government Business Enterprises and 26 District Hospitals.

In his presentation to a fully packed parliament, Obadia said that the 173 public entities audited represent 86.6% to which the national budget is allocated.

Fully packed parliament as Auditor General presents the Audit report for just concluded financial year (FY2018)

Based on the audits conducted, the Auditor General told parliament that compared to previous financial years, there has been a “slight improvement since the entities which obtained unqualified opinions increased by 3% compared to previous year.”

The increase in number of entities obtaining unqualified audit opinion on financial statements means that those entities are progressively embracing appropriate financial management practices.

He however, noted that the number of public entities which obtained adverse opinion is still high.

“Unqualified audit opinions made up 33%, qualified opinions made up 34% while adverse opinions made up 33%,” he said.

The report further explains that 74% of the unqualified opinions were from projects. Projects also contributed approximately 49% of the qualified opinions. Districts and City of Kigali made up approximately 51% of the Adverse opinion.

For Obadia, the number of delayed contracts is valued at a total of Frw 136, 171,687,429 while abandoned contracts are valued at a massive figure of Frw17, 287,151,958.

Public projects that stalled , the audit report found they have a combined value of Frw35,766,513,559.

Legislators have unanimously endorsed the Auditor Generals report after taking minutes to ask questions.

In response to the Auditor General’s report and presentation to Parliament, Frank Habineza the president of Green Party political party took a swipe saying the situation was very “disheartening to see that government was losing money through theft and recklessness”.

“Accountants in public institutions need extra training on book keeping and audit”.

He proposed to parliament that the guilty public officers should be forced to resign and let other measures be taken to bring them before the courts of law.

In previous financial years, guilty public officials could only appear before the Public Accounts committee with only receipts and it ends there.

Habineza proposed to parliament that the Auditor General be given prosecution powers to apprehend those found complicit in such grave mistakes.

The legislator said its only Rwamagana district that managed to score a 30% audit compliance , other districts are appallingly lower.

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