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FDLR Commander Dies In German Prison As Fighters Threaten To Kill Another Commander

The FDLR militia leader Ignace Murwanashyaka, has reportedly died
in German.

Murwanashyaka had been in prison since 2015 facing war crimes charges- he is no more, he died in prison, according to emerging reports.

He died in Mannheim University Hospital yesterday after being admitted on April 11. Since conviction in Sept 2015, was in solitary confinement without contact with other inmates in terrorists’ section of Stammheim maximum security prison.

His death comes at a time when the rebel group is disintegrating.

Anytime soon, a major breakup is expected within the top command of FDLR a terrorist group composed of mostly perpetrators of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

Reports from their base in the jungles of neighbouring DRC indicate that the group’s current leader Gén. Iyamuremye Gaston aka Byiringiro Victor is in hot soup for plotting against some of senior members leading to their capture.

In 2018, the Congolese authorities arrested Lt Col Jean-Pierre Nsekanabo, the FDLR head of the intelligence and the group spokesperson Ignace Nkaka [La Forge Fils Bazeye]. The duo was flown to Rwanda where they are currently undergoing trial.

In a communiqué released by FDLR from their base in Masisi and signed by Général 451 on April 14 indicates that the fighters are bitter with their commander and have explained how this mysterious arrest was conducted.

The fighters said in a communiqué that before their arrest, Nsekanabo and Nkaka had been against Gén. Iyamuremye’s plan of working together with the Rwanda National Congress group largely coordinated in Uganda.

Gén. Iyamuremye is said to be having links with business tycoons in Mozambique identified as Révocat Karemangingo and Théoneste Misago – these businessmen have been financing the FDLR.

However, these businessmen are said to have severed ties with Gén. Iyamuremye and are currently working closely with RNC which could have led to the General plotting against his spy chief and spokesperson.

“You that are here in the jungles know well that we had been opposed to the relationship between Gén. Iyamuremye and the two businessmen in Mozambique,” reads part of the communiqué.

Gén. Iyamuremye (centre) threatened with death

The fighters also warned their commander against his traitorous actions. “We are giving him a one month ultimatum to fix all his mistakes that are beyond control.”

“If there is no change in a period of one month, pray for Gén. Iyamuremye that God may receive him,” the bitter fighters said in a communiqué.

Before the Long Arm of Law

Nsekanabo and Nkaka appeared before Gasabo Primary Court on April 8th. In this trial, Nsekanabo is represented by lawyer Beata Dukeshinema while his colleague Nkaka is represented by Milton Nkuba.

Lt Col Jean-Pierre Nsekanabo (2nd left) and Ignace Nkaka (2nd right)

The two men are charged with similar offences among others including; being members of a terrorist group (FDLR), engaging in terrorist activities, and conniving with a foreign government and other negative groups to wage war on Rwanda.

Both men requested court to grant them temporary freedom so that they can always attend court proceedings while out of detention.

“The detention of one more month is really not necessary. I am home now and I have seen my country. I am no longer the person I was. I cannot escape,”Nsekanabo told court.

“I cannot run away. If possible let investigations be done while I am free,” Nkaka requested in court.

Nkaka makes a phone call while still in deep jungles of DRC as Spokesperson of FDLR terrorist group. He is currently facing the law in Rwanda

Revealing more in court, Nsekanabo and Nkaka said they were arrested while on their way from Kampala in neighbouring Ugandan contrary to what the FDLR command said last on Sunday.

The two men further told court that they had been sent to Kampala to deepen ties with the RNC group of dissidents also hostile to Rwandan government.

FDLR and RNC have according to UN group of Experts created a military wing named P5 and currently under a unified command of dissident Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa.

RIB detectives lead Nkaka out of courtroom to a waiting detainees truck

Some information also indicates that when Nsekanabo and Nkaka crossed into Uganda, the Minister of State for Regional Affairs sent them his personal vehicle that ferried them to Hotel Mubano in Kisoro district owned by him too.

And while in Kampala, Minister Mateke arranged a meeting between the FDLR commanders with other dissidents representing RNC.

Previous reports indicated that these meetings were to make the two groups operate a joint program against the government of Rwanda.

Gén. Iyamuremye Gaston aka Byiringiro Victor inspects his ageing fighters

In a Sunday communiqué, the FDLR deny that Nkaka and Nsekanabo were arrested while on their way from Kampala.

The statement claims that the two were arrested early in December last year during fighting in commune Mutara (present day Eastern province).

The communique claims that during a deadly exchange of fire with the RDF in Mutara commune that the FDLR fighters split up into small groups during this deadly fight.

That some of these small units walked along the border with Uganda as they tried to retreat and it’s when Nkaka and Nsekanabo were captured.

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