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More 13 Victims Laid To Rest At Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial

Thirteen bodies of victims of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi have this Sunday been laid to rest with dignity at Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial site in Kirehe district.

Mukabaramba Alvera Minister of State for Social Affairs in the Ministry of Local Government accompanied by government officials joined thousands of residents at the memorial site as part of the 25th commemoration of the genocide against Tutsi.

Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial site is a resting place of another 58,000 victims.

According to Gerald Muzungu, Kirehe district Mayor, “the victims of the Genocide against Tutsi at Nyarubuye parish were from different places of Eastern Province, as they were looking for a way to escape killers to Tanzania through Migera crossing point.”

Kirehe which was part of former Rusumo Commune experienced brutal murders of Tutsis leading to deaths in large numbers.

The ruthless mayor of Rusumo Commune, Gacumbitsi Sylivestre, personally led the attacks on the church, distributed arms, and urged the mob to rape and kill, both in the run-up to the event as well as during it – using a megaphone.

The only survivors of the massacre are those who had been covered by corpses and stayed underneath for days.

According to Ibuka an umbrella organisation for Genocide survivors, “the Tutsi that were hiding at this church were attacked with machetes and blunt objects, guns and grenades.”

The Tutsi sought refuge here in the massive church and adjacent convent but tens of thousands were brutally killed. The 1994 genocide against Tutsi claimed over a million lives across Rwanda

The parish site was had a church, a convent and a school that drew many people there. Looking at the site today, the former school and convent have been turned into a memorial site while the church is still used for mass.

During the genocide, this place was one the starkest site of death but today, it is a fairly neatly maintained.

This Genocide memorial site stands at former school and convent adjacent to the massive church where many Tutsi sought refuge and were killed

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda sentenced Gacumbitsi first to 30 years (when he was initially acquitted for murder and complicity in genocide), which was increased, after an appeal, to life imprisonment. For once, a key player in the actual massacres had to face justice.

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Yulian April 16, 2019 at 3:59 am

i remember to have visited this place when Mwalimu Nyerere,President Museveni and retired Burundi Buyoya visited the scene….Horror.Genocide is a bad thing in all its forms and its perpetrators are always weaker people