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Kagame Tells American Investors Its Time To Invest In Africa

President Kagame has encouraged American investors that this is the moment to invest in Africa.

“You don’t have to wait, invest now and grow with Africa,” he said while speaking at the NBA Governors Dinner in New York yesterday.

Kagame said that Africa is open to doing business with the world, and that they have a lot to offer, “but Africa has a lot to offer as well.”

President Kagame on whether the US understands the importance of Africa, he said: “The most important is that Africa gets it. There are certain things we have to get for ourselves as we seek partnerships with the rest of the world.”

He also took time to share Rwanda’s past and the journey to recovery, saying that 25 years ago, the country came to its knees; experiencing a total devastation.

“There was no private sector, no government services, just blood flowing across the country,” he said.

“Everything was a priority and the biggest challenge was where do you start from? We started from scratch, we started by putting pieces together, bringing people back together, justice, security, rebuilding schools, he explained.

President Kagame said that in a period of 12 years, “we created a justice system based on our tradition where we tried over one million people. We look back and find national unity has been holding, justice has taken place, there has been forgiving.”

In the process, he added, “what we have understood is to create trust among people and trust with their leaders. Trust doesn’t just come about, you have to invest in it.”

Trust is the single point that binds things together, he said, adding that, “You have to figure out how you bring things together and people must feel they are relevant.”

The had earlier held discussions with United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres at the United Nations Headquarters.

Details regarding their meeting were not revealed.

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