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Two Girls Found Dead In DRCs Virunga Park

Investigations are ongoing to ascertain why two persons were assassinated in DRC’s Virunga national park.

According to witnesses, two bodies of young girls were found, Monday morning, in the Kibati region of Virunga Park.

The bodies were later brought to nearby villages for identification.

It is believed that the deceased were staff of  ICCN [The Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature]- a Congolese governmental partner tasked with the protection and conservation of the Virunga National Park and Kahuzi-Biega National Park, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the DRC.

ICCN officials did not want to comment on the incident while speaking on condition of anonymity, other sources say that these people were shot by the army in operation in this part of the park.

Antelopes feeding through the vast grasslands in Virunga National Park

DRC’s Virunga national park is a host to rich wildlife that stretches to shores of lake Edward that extends into neighbouring Uganda.

Major Ndjike Kaiko the spokesman of the FARDC 34th military region, acknowledged presence of the army in this region that is currently carrying out operations. It is believed the Ugandan rebels ADF are active in this area and are engaged in poaching.

He said that there is no indication that these people have died from FARDC fire, since there are park rangers who are also chasing bandits, not to mention the assailants who are themselves armed.

The deceased could have also been carriers of luggage for tourists. They also regularly conduct track maintenance work for ICCN.

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