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Stolen Money Recovered, Suspects Arrested

Two people said to be behind a move to steal Rwf1,927,000 from a businessman in Muyumbu Sector, Rwamagana District have been arrested. 

Jean de Dieu Manishimwe, 28, and Ally Harerimana, 27, were arrested on March 27, in Muyumbu with part of the stolen money amounting to Rwf1,588,000, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Hamdun Twizeyimana, the Police spokesperson for the Eastern region, said.

Manishimwe was brought up by the victim (Sarathiel Seburima) as his guardian, who had given him the responsibility of managing him depot of alcoholic and soft beverages in Muyumbu. 
Harerimana, on the other hand, was a barber in the nearby barbershop and Manishimwe’s close friend.

How they hatched a plan

On March 26, Seburima, who was headed to Rwamagana from Kigali called Manishimwe and gave him Rwf2,162,000 to keep it. Seburima was supposed to collect the money from him later.

It is alleged that Manishimwe and Harerimana hatched a plan, bought a rope and the latter tied the former to make it look like he had been robbed of the money.

Harerimana took only Rwf1,927,000 leaving Rwf23, 5000 in the bag.

“When the victim lodged a complaint, some residents came forward suspecting Manishimwe to be behind the alleged theft of the money,” CIP Twizeyimana said.

“This prompted Police to take Manishimwe into custody, during interrogation he admitted to the crime and gave in Harerimana as his accomplice. They were found with Rwf Rwf1,588,000.”

The suspects have since been handed over to Rwanda Investigation Bureau at Muyumbu station. 

CIP Twizeyimana advised against entrusting big sums of money with employees to prevent such temptations of theft. 

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