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Senate Reveals 24% Alcohol Factories Lack Standards

Products from thirteen local beverage factories have been found lacking the required standards and have been duly punished- Rwanda Senate has heard during a session on Wednesday morning.

Previously the Rwanda Standards Board had suspended operations of 218 factories that produce alcohol from banana juice and other agriculture products.

The Board found that of the 218 factories, a total of 13 representing 24% were found operating with grave mistakes and manufacturing products of very poor standards not worth for public consumption.

Senate heard that these factories were fined each Frw24million.

According to Hon. Mukakalisa Jeanne d’Arc a senate committee visited 38 factories in 15 districts all involved in the production of alcoholic beverages.

The senate committed discovered that Rwanda Standards Board lacks enough staff to conduct a continuous assessment of these factories to ensure standards.

Senate committee hearing findings on performance of factories producing alcoholic beverages. It was found that a total of 24% of these factories are producing substandard beverages not fit for public consumption

However, the senate agreed that loccally manufactured products require to be subjected to continuous quality standards assessment to ensure they don’t revert to previous poor quality before they were provided with standards mark.

Hon. Uyisenga Charles told senate that there is a need for the Rwanda Standards board and districts to jointly conduct routine assessment of factories that have been issued with the standards mark for their products.

The senate committee that traversed the 15 districts to assess factories producing alcoholic beverages discovered a score of challenges including; lack of access to loans because the standards license expire in a very short period, lack of laboratories, lack of packaging, cleaning machinery.

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