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Gatsibo District To Build Modern Bus Terminal

Gatsibo district may very soon have its first modern bus terminal and join other districts that are already enjoying the benefits of such modern facilities.

Grouped under Gatsibo Car Park (GCP) Company, the private sector members within the district have announced that very soon construction for a modern bus terminal will begin.

 This company GCP will carry out construction works and later continue with management of the bus terminal operations within the district.

Although Rwamagana and Kayonza districts have completed their bus terminals, Gatsibo district had failed to establish its bus terminal because of challenges including location of the plot which was far away.

However, in a recent district leadership retreat, authorities agreed to shift the bus terminal project to a plot near the highway for easy accessibility.

Reports indicate that expropriation has begun within Kabarore sector to ensure that construction works begin immediately.

Nkusi Charles the head of members of Private sector in the district said they agreed to pool resources together and form the GCP Company that will facilitate construction and management of this bus terminal.

“We wish this project to be owned by Gatsibo members of the private sector and maybe in joint collaboration with other companies experienced in management of similar projects,” Nkusi said.

Modern Bus terminals in districts have become major icons for development signaling a shift from age old infrastructure into futuristic modernity.

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