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Ombudsman Staff Accused Of Accepting Bribe

komeza ombudsman

The Ombudsman office is in the spot light after one of its staffs is accused of accepting a bribe.

Komeza Theoneste an investigator attached to the Special Corruption Unit in the Ombudsman office is alleged to have accepted a bribe eight years ago.

Before Komeza was hired by the Ombudsman, he had been working with the Rwanda National Police when he allegedly accepted a bribe.

However, with the zero tolerance to corruption, the Ombudsman office which was later informed about the crime Komeza committed said they could not tolerate him.

In his Curriculum Vitae while applying for a job at the Ombudsman office, Komeza never indicated that he had been a serving Police officer before.

 According to Jean Pierre Nkurunziza the spokesperson for the Ombudsman office said, “even if he is our staff, we can’t learn of such information about him and just keep quiet.”

Under the new law, a corruption offence remains valid up to ten years since the day it was committed. In this situation Komeza committed the offence eight years ago.

Komeza’s dossier has been forwarded to the prosecution since March 11th.

If found guilty Komeza risks serving a sentence between seven and ten years.

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