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Police Cautions Motorcyclists On bribery

RThe Northern Region Police Commander (RPC), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Jean Baptiste Ntaganira has warned commercial motorcyclists against offering and taking bribes.

The RPC, who was addressing leaders of motorcyclist cooperatives in Musanze District on Tuesday, urged them to be law abiding citizens, desist from such high impact criminal tendencies.

This was during a regular police community outreach exercise to sensitize a cross-section of communities against illegal conduct and to strengthen the ideology of community policing. 

ACP Ntaganira singled out violation of road safety standards, criminal businesses like illicit drugs and smuggling as some of the unlawful acts they engage in and in some cases “thinking that bribing Police officers or other leaders will bail you out.”

“Fighting crime like corruption, drug dealers, theft, gender-based violence, child abuse and human trafficking is a collective responsibility. Where you live or work, always be vigilant, don’t abet crime… some of you transport drug dealers, substances and thieves,” said ACP Ntaganira.

He warned against overtaking in dangerous places, riding while using a phone, overspending, and driving while drunk, which he  identified as major causes of accidents.

He also cautioned those who ride without a driver’s license or using a forged one, which is a “serious road traffic offense and criminal.”

“Road traffic rules and regulations are there to ensure that everyone uses the road in the best way that guarantees their safety and the safety of others,” the RPC said.

He, however, commended motorcyclists, who have made it a duty to report drug traffickers and criminals in general.

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has strengthened awareness and operations against drug-related crimes, which continue to yield positive outcomes because of identifying major routes, those involved as well as the creation of anti-drug clubs in schools and in communities.

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