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He Was Two Minutes Away From Death


He Was Two Minutes Away From Death

Antonis Mavropoulos quarreled with the security officer after the door to the place was closed infront of him because he had arrived two minutes late.

“They (police officers) led me to the police station of the airport,” Antonis wrote on his facebook page with anger.

In just less than ten minutes after takeoff, the fateful Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302 flight crashed and nobody onboard survived.

Police later told Antonis that not to protest but to pray to God because; “I was the only passenger that didn’t board the ET 302 flight that was lost,” Mavropoulos wrote in a Facebook post titled “My lucky day”.

Mavropoulos would’ve been the 150th passenger on the plane that went down shortly after takeoff, killing everyone on board.

Antonis Mavropoulos would have been the 150th victim if he had been allowed to board the fateful Ethiopian Airline Boeing plane
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