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Uganda Begins Freeing Detained Rwandans

A Rwandan Rutare Ishimwe who has been languishing for months in a notorious detention facility in the capital Kampala, will finally join his family and enjoy some freedom.

Uganda has been denying that its security agents were tormenting, jailing and even deporting Rwandans.

However, Rwanda has on numerous occassions protested this mistreatment of Rwandans on Ugandan territory. A list of detained Rwandans has been circulated on social media by Rwandan officials but Ugandan authorities repeatedly denied hodling these Rwandans.

However, Uganda may have backtracked on its stance against detained Rwandans despite refusing to bow to demands by President Paul Kagame seeking that the government in Kampala to produce before court all Rwandans rotting in notorious detention centres.

It is upon this repeated pressure behind the scenes and the recent public demands that Uganda has finally produced a Rwandan Moses Ishimwe Rutare that had disappeared last year.

A deeply malnourished Rutare doned appeared in the docket wearing a black jacket and shirt that loosely fitted.

It is evident that a highly dehydrated Rutare at the age 33 looks a man in his late 70s an indication that he has been under constant torture, denied food and water.

Rutare was allegedly arrested by the dreaded Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

His lawyer, Daniel Walyemera told local press that Ugandan security agents assumed he was engaged in espionage when he told them he was a Rwandan.

According to Rutares partner, Eunice Esule said he disappeared on December 22 last year and was shocked to see the state he was in on February 27.

Rutare was allegedly arrested by CMI detectives when he was passing near their gate.

“He was not arrested for any offence. Its like you are walking anywhere near a gate and people in plain clothes ask you what you are doing near their gate. That is how it begun. He didn’t even know he was near a CMI house,” the lawyer was quoted by local media in Uganda.

Rutare has been granted a cash bail worth 2million shillings.

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