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Three Women Attack Neighbour, Kill Wife, Husband in Coma

Police in Nyamasheke district is holding three suspects in connection with murder of a woman and inflicting serious injuries on her husband.

According to reports, the incidence occurred at about 10 Pm last night at Kirambo trading centre in Kanjongo sector.

Witnesses said the one woman mobilized two other women and raided the home of Ntakirutimana Jean, they forced their way into the house and beat up his wife to death.

At that time Ntakirutimana had taken his child for a shortcall outside and had left the door open. The attackers found the door open and walked straight into the house where they attacked Ntakirutimana’s wife killing her instantly.

On hearing fracass inside the house, Ntakirutimana returned to rescue his wife but he was also beaten into unconsciousness.

Other neighbours came to their rescue and took a profusely bleeding Ntakirutimana to Kibogora health centre.

Police, Army and district authorities this morning held an immediate meeting with the residents of this village.

The suspects are said to have planned to revenge against this family because of prolonged misunderstandings.


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