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UPDF General Fails To Explain Rwanda-Uganda Crisis To Parliament

Ugandan lawmakers have given government only 24 hours to address the nation on what exactly is happening between Rwanda and Uganda.

Many Ugandans are blanketed in a cloud of ignorance about what exactly is happening between the two countries.

Muhammed Nsereko, the Member of Parliament representing Kampala central Division, expressed his concerns to the Speaker of parliament wondering about the message issued by Rwanda saying Uganda was unsafe.

“…that Uganda is unsafe, that there is torture and illegitimate arrests. It affects our tourism numbers,” Nsereko said before an interjection by Anna Adeke the Member of Parliament representing Ugandan Youth.

Adeke said, “Where are we standing with Rwanda? And what is our government doing. And we need a timeline within which that information should be brought to the attention of the public”.

In the usual manner of the Ugandan August house, it is evident on the faces of legislators that indeed something is very wrong that government must explain.

For Gilbert Oulanya an opposition Member of Parliament representing Kilak County demanded for information about this whole tumult between his country and Rwanda.

“You are hiding some information because we are being taken by surprise. We are seeing things happening, but we do not know what exactly is going on,” Oulanya angrily submitted to the floor of parliament.

Gen. Moses Ali also acting as the First Deputy Prime Minsiter of Uganda, was summoned by the Speaker to the floor to respond to queries submitted by legislators.

All trucks and passenger vehicles have been directed to Kagitumba Border to enable completion of construct work at Gatuna border

In a very frail tone and a seemingly conceding stature, Gen. Ali said, “we shall come and brief the house only when we are ready.”

However, this response attracted wide booing from the house prompting the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to call for order.

She said, “I know you are getting ready. But we want you to get ready soon.  We want you to be ready on Thursday this week.”

The Speaker concluded by telling the General that; “there is uncertainty and we need to give comfort to the people of Uganda”.

Six days ago Rwanda redirected all trucks and passengers to Kagitumba border post to pave way for construction of the Gatuna border.

Rwanda used this opportunity to also remind Uganda about the mistreatment, arbitrary arrest and illegal detention of Rwandans.

Rwanda’s foreign ministry said that Rwanda’s borders were not closed and that Rwandans were however ‘strongly advised not to travel to Uganda’.

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