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Private Security Companies Urged To Uphold Professionalism

Security is a wide aspect that requires vigilance, timely response and being at the right place in the right time, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Jean Nepo Mbonyumuvunyi said Wednesday

ACP Mbonyumuvunyi, who’s the Commissioner for Private Security Service Providers (PSSP) in Rwanda National Police (RNP), made the remarks while officiating at the opening of a two-day training for RGL Security Company personnel, in Kigali.

At least 30 managers from RGL are taking part in the training that seeks to enlighten them on professional security services.

RGL Security Company, which employs about 3500 people, is one of the 17 registered private security firms in the country. 

ACP Mbonyumuvunyi observed that such training adds value to their security services as well as quality and professional duties. 

“Security is a wide aspect, it’s not only about guarding gates…  even the services offered in such premises concern you; help those who come to you for directions, the security of the neighbouring facility is partly your responsibility too,” ACP Mbonyumuvunyi said

He called for behavioural change aiming for professional services and to share such acquired skills with others.

“It’s one thing to acquire the required skills but it’s another to put them to good use,” he observed, pledging Rwanda National Police’s continued support to private security companies saying that they’re the force multiplier in fighting and preventing crimes and sustaining security. 

Private Security companies are under the management of RNP. 

So far, RNP has trained security personnel of five different companies.

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